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Betting Sites That Accept Indian Rupees

12 October 2020

Looking for betting sites that accept Indian Rupees? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will go over all the best INR betting sites and the benefits of using betting sites that accept INR.

If you’re from India and you want to join a betting site, it’s important that you join a betting site that accepts Indian Rupees.

As more and more Indians are becoming interested in joining a betting site, there is an increasing number of Indian rupee betting sites popping up all over the internet.

Naturally, not all betting sites are created equal - and in this article, we’re gonna show you all the best INR betting sites on the market.

Best INR Betting Sites

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Why choose a betting site that accepts Indian Rupees?

It is absolutely critical that you only use betting sites accepting INR. There are a number of reasons for this which we will get into now.

Benefits of betting sites accepting INR:

Indian Rupee Betting Sites are cheaper: avoid expensive exchange rates

It is always cheaper to use betting sites with INR because you avoid having to exchange your rupees into dollars, euros, or other currencies.

Each time you exchange money, you are paying a hidden currency conversion fee.

If you have to exchange money every time you make a deposit and withdrawal on the betting site, you will end up paying a lot of fees.

Avoid paying those fees by always using betting sites that accept INR.

Betting sites that accept Indian Rupees offer convenient deposit methods.

By using betting sites that accept INR, you will be able to deposit and withdraw money using convenient Indian payment methods.

This includes deposit methods like UPI, PhonePe, Paytm, Indian NetBanking, and more.

Using Indian payment methods make it cheaper and a lot more convenient when depositing and withdrawing money on INR betting sites.

Exchanging Indian Rupees into Foreign Currencies through a betting site is not legal.

According to the Foreign Exchange Management Act, it is illegal to make payments to any person outside India in foreign exchange.

Likewise, it is also illegal to receive foreign exchange payments from outside India.

Such transactions may only be made through an authorized person (e.g. a bank or exchange bureau)

So in the interest of staying within the boundaries of the law, it is necessary that you only use betting sites in Indian currency.

Indian Rupees

How to deposit money on betting sites with Indian Rupees

Depositing money on betting sites with INR is simple and easy. In fact, it’s a lot easier than using other currencies such as US dollars.

If you live in India, you already have Indian Rupees, so there is no need to convert into a foreign currency.

This means that you can use payment systems that you’re already familiar with such as PhonePe, UPI, Paytm, Online Bank Transfer, and much more.

Some betting sites make it very easy to deposit Indian Rupees using local Indian payment systems and that includes Betway, one of the most popular betting sites in the world.


International betting site accepting Indian Rupees

Betway is an international betting site with a huge fanbase in India.

They have become a popular betting site among the Indian audience because they offer an incredible cricket betting platform - and they make it super easy for Indians to make deposits and withdrawals!

Betway makes it easy to deposit INR using the most popular Indian payment methods including UPI, Paytm and NetBanking.

Click the button below to join Betway and deposit Indian Rupees now!

How to withdraw money from INR betting sites

Withdrawing money from betting sites can sometimes be a little more time-consuming than the deposit process.

This is due to the fact that betting sites are required to verify your identity before they are allowed to process a withdrawal.

After verifying your identity, most INR betting sites take between 1-72 hours to process a withdrawal.

Withdrawing Indian Rupees from a betting site is simple and can be done free of charge!

Usually, the withdrawal must be made with Indian rupees if that’s the currency you used when making your deposit.

You must also use the same payment method: so if you deposited Indian Rupees using UPI, the INR will be returned to you again using UPI.

Is it legal to use INR betting sites?

Yes, INR betting sites can be legally used by Indian players.

In fact, a betting site must accept Indian Rupees to be legal for Indian players.

It is illegal to use betting sites that don’t accept Indian Rupees, because the Foreign Exchange Management Act in India prohibits individuals from exchanging between INR and foreign currencies without an authorized middleman such as a bank or an exchange bureau.

So to stay on the safe side of the law, make sure to only use betting sites accepting INR.

Join a betting site that accepts Indian Rupees

Are you ready to join a betting site and get started betting online? Then we encourage you to join one of the many betting sites that accept Indian rupees.

Now that you know the benefits of joining an INR betting site, there’s no reason to settle for less.

Join a betting site with Indian Rupees now and get started betting today!

FAQ about INR Betting Sites

🏆 What’s the best betting site that accepts Indian Rupees?

Of all the betting sites that accept Indian Rupees, we believe the best one to be Betway.

Betway is a really convenient betting site for Indian players because they accept Indian Rupee deposits via convenient payment methods like UPI, Paytm, and NetBanking.

They also provide a user-friendly betting platform that’s great for beginners and a sportsbook that’s filled with great odds and betting options on cricket.

  • If that sounds like what you’re looking for, then we encourage you to join Betway now.

❓ Do all betting sites accept Indian Rupees?

All betting sites found here on BetExpertIndia.com accept Indian Rupees.

There are plenty of other betting sites out there that do not accept Indian Rupees.

But you can be sure that all betting sites recommended by us accept INR.

💲 Does it cost money to deposit Indian Rupees on a betting site?

In most cases no - all betting sites make it free and easy to deposit Indian Rupees on their site.

However, some deposit methods may come with a transaction fee. For example, Neteller charges a 2.5% fee each time money enters your Neteller wallet. That is quite a steep fee that will eat into your betting profits.

On the cheaper side, UPI only charges Rs. 2.5 for transactions below Rs. 1,000. For transactions above Rs. 1,000 you will pay Rs. 5.

💰 Will I get a welcome bonus when I deposit with INR?

Yes, almost all betting sites with INR offer some form of welcome bonus to new players from India.

Most betting sites will offer you a deposit bonus somewhere in the area of Rs. 10,000.

  • Click here to see all welcome bonuses from INR betting sites

🌍 Do international betting sites accept INR?

Yes, many international betting sites have begun to accept Indian Rupee deposits in an effort to appeal to Indian players. This includes international betting giants such as:

  1. Bet365
  2. Betway
  3. 22Bet

So if you’re looking to join a betting site that accepts rupees, we recommend that you check out one of the betting sites mentioned above.